Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flickr is being a bitch, the body text just won't appear with the picture. So here it is.

Pictures, what do I know of them?

Before I start I just wanna share a random fact about me, which is that I am easily inspired by things. A lot of things. But first, what does that even mean? Inspired? People throw it around all over the place these days, but nobody bothers to enlighten others about what it means to them or how it affects them. I'm a big fan of that word, really. Mostly because I believe everybody has their own personal take of it, it might be shallow for some but interesting/thought provoking, nevertheless.

I like to take photos, and I want to be a photographer. Gee, that was obvious haha but what I'm trying to say here is what I actually go through when I am, well, inspired.

No, I just don't close my eyes and see trees of colors sprouting out from the corner of my eyes, no butterflies accompanying the protruding rainbow of unicorns stepping over the trapeze flying panda. Heh. No clich├ęs of wondering “How do I capture this moment?”. Now that’s a first for you, ain’t it?

In a nutshell, all I feel is being challenged and the dire need to translate it. My craft, my trade, my art, my photography is just a medium at the concluding part of the process but what happens before that is what I enjoy the most which is what I just said, the challenge. It is all those things because I am naturally a more visual person (with the exception for this post, because I really need to project myself with a more reason specific method).

What do I mean by challenge? Okay here we go, whenever something happens, when I see my mum and dad holding hands while taking a walk in 1 Utama, when Ben asks me why do I edit my photos etc. I am challenged (by some indefinite force) to react towards it. Shouting “YOU GUYS ARE 40 YEARS PAST THE LEGAL AGE TO DO THAT HERE!” or “Because I like lar, fuck.” Just won’t do it for me. I gotta get it out, whether I want to or not. It may be an OCD thing but that has kept me going ever since I hit my visual puberty. Inspiration to me is a inconsequential form of impulsive reaction. It drives me.

Back to the first question.. Haha, it’s late and I shall get to that in my next post.


Sometimes pure logic captured from a lens does a lot to one’s perception, it can amaze, it can frighten, it can start wars. A lot of people do that, even I do that sometimes, for all that reasons. But why sometimes I butcher my work with the trappings of the digital age is because most of the time I feel that my work is unfinished. That it just doesn’t really say what I wanted it too.

This image was created after pondering about Ben’s (and a number of others) question on why my most of my photography is edited, trivial encounters with photoimages would sometimes generate a breed of innocence.

Now that, “inspired” me.

Haha. Zillieman, out.

A Pinch of Innocence

A Pinch of Innocence, originally uploaded by Fazil Fuad.

Monday, February 09, 2009


Backstreet, originally uploaded by Fazil Fuad.

Oh my god, I just wrote a really long ass post about this shots from the PMS x Stesha Ho collection was an outtake but I really liked it so that's why i put it up to show you guys and about how my life was so surreal in melbourne and then blogger decided to die on me. Gah. I'm rambling.

Kay then, I'll stop.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mr Fuad

1., originally uploaded by Fazil Fuad.

2.Barrack Obama
3.Eric Cantona
4.Steven Meisel
5.David Lachapelle
6.Edward Norton
7.Christopher Nolan
8.P Ramlee

My top 8 of men that I look up to.


My dad, taken during a trip down South of Penang Island during the Chinese New Year.

And his hands.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dubai - Burj Dubai building 808m

This picture was not taken on a plane.

It was taken from the world's tallest building. Burj, Dubai.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Where to?

Where to?, originally uploaded by Fazil Fuad.

Trademark shot, maybe?
I'm feeling empty these days. I need to feed. My eyes are hungry. I need more.

Plus, losing 60 bucks to King just now just isn't working out for me.

Sigh, more pics coming out soon.


This shot was taken in Penang, near Queensbay Mall. A little bit to the right of the frame you can actually see the Penang bridge. My family and I was at this cafe, having a drink. Before dinner on the 2nd day.