Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Off balance

Offbalance, originally uploaded by Fazil Fuad.

Sometimes, some things, will just tip over.

So be careful.

Anyways, a new year's coming and I have a couple of resolutions to choose from, and one of it is to get something out of my photos and that could mean a lot, which is also a problem.

Hmm, I'll probably make more sense in my next post, so, watch out for that. Hahaha.

Ben's leaving. Gah.


Replies :

pandaa - didn't I always refer you to that?
nurvia - i really like your name. haha. and thanks!
henry - yes. pengy. isn't that what you call yourself?
ben - indeed.
aaput - you're back here for like 10 days. how on earth are we gonna shoot la?
cherise - yes, i know who you are and yes that was. haha. chill la. so how was MOS?
darryl - haha yes, it is insane!
eug - rosak, bai.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


King, originally uploaded by Fazil Fuad.

Expressions must had been the theme for my December after shooting like a buncha weddings. Been trying to teach myself how to nail it. Oh and for you guys that don't already know. I'm interning at Fifoto ever since I got back. I'm sure you guys must had heard about them.

Anyway this is King. At Sid's, TTDI.

KL's finest.



I know, I've been having some kind of a bw phase these days. I was talking to my friend, Ben the other day on why. I feel, and it's a fact to most photographers I know that instead of the dramatic mood, that black and white brings, I believe it eliminates the distraction that color causes and forces to viewer to dive into other aspects such as composition, form and the overall aesthetic of the image. It encourages the viewer to step into the surreal side of things.

Ben's leaving on Friday.

I think we need other things to talk about.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Like I said.

Time to grow up, Zillieman.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

KLUE at 5.

Just finished a shoot for Freeform (Tongue in Chic/Klue) at Bombshell, Bangsar. Quite different from the stuff that i'm used to, weird job description (a cross between event amd fashion photog). Good experience all in all.

Oh and there's an important post tomorrow. Watch out for it.





Friday, December 12, 2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Trapped?, originally uploaded by Fazil Fuad.

I thought it would be kinda dumb for me to post all the photos up for the 3rd time. Other pics of this series will can be found at www.projectmuffstit.blogspot.com or my flickr (sidebar).

Anyway I just came back from a two day trip in Perak for Raya Haji. Loadsa pics and I won't be a lazy fucker this time, I promise.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Couleur, Café.

Couleur, Café, originally uploaded by Fazil Fuad.

I just had THE shittiest round of futsal, ever. Cheer me up, by promising me you'll come back soon to view this series.

3 days max.