Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Have been back in Msia for more then a week already. Sorry for the lack of updates. It's kinda hard to post pics up without my Mac.

I'll be getting one of 'em card reader thingies soon so do come back in a few days.

Uwei : THANKS. It took me quite some time for me to put them together.
Huang : Congratulations.
Anonymous : It's FAZIL. And thanks.
Yam : Thanks, assistant.
Simon : Haha. Chill la kawaaan.
AT : You're cooler. You're not like my friend's brother are you?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008

God i've been shooting a lot lately.

Because it's folio week!

It's been work work work lately.




It's an identity profile for this brand named Sussan.
Was suppose to create an alternative branding solution.
We're suppose to come up with two, one's a logo and for my second one
I decided to have a new face, for the brand.

Sorry Gayle, Chui and Bjorn for trespassing.



liq : she's 18 now.
jooaun and simon : you're both kinda sick, man.
anon : er wot?

Ee on 19th floor.

It's always good to have your friends as neighbours. Regardless you need an emergency smoke, some soya sauce or just a round of GTA 4 when you're bored.

Okay Lina, I know I go to your place a a lot more often is just that I know that if I was to bring my camera there again, your sis will go out of control.





Ah, the simplicity of greyscale.

Monday, June 02, 2008


The following photos were taken during these two outings :

1st is the time when I brought two quarter irish siblings (who i happen to know for as long as i can remember) who came to Melbourne for a short shopping tour of Melbourne.

2nd is the spontaneous short walk to Melbourne Uni, hoping to bump into some interesting shots, as Melb Uni is indeed a beautiful place.

Now for the first one.

Darren and Ashley Goh. She's coming to Trinity College this July and I'm suppose to be something like a bigger brother to her when that time comes. Haha.

Darren's a shoe freak. He was hell-bent on getting one of 'em Tigers like the one's i'm wearing over here.

This is Darren, again. Somewhere on Bourke Street, while Ashley was in Supre.. for more then an hour.
Same place, Ashley still in Supre.
Some pigeons, fighting for a piece of pastry.

One the way back.

The second one,

Some grapes, on Swanston Street.
(yes, i really like my shoes and I wear them all the time) 


What I was looking for (like i said), on the trip to Melb Uni.
Love is in the air, in Melbourne Uni.

And again.

It's folio prep week now. See you guys in a bit.
Zillieman, out.