Monday, May 26, 2008

A mosquito. My libido. Oh denial. Oh denial.

Don't you just love Tori Amos?
It was her that wrote the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Not the coke obsessed rockstars.

Anyway just a quick one this time, the following 3 were taken like a week or two ago. It was before we watched that Keanu Reeves movie and forgot to wish my mum happy mother's day.

Hey hey! It's me in that photo!

A little alley in Chinatown. The place we went to eat which served REALLY good food
was situated in a lonely and unstrategic alley for some reason. What a shame.

There's a story behind this. When we were buying tickets, all of us didn't seem to have the correct amount of change at the time (Tickets at Melb Central are weirdly priced at $12.50). So what we did was everybody paid $15 and we used the change to grab a couple of rounds of beer.

Back to work, till next time.
Zillieman out.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The 2 minute walk to RMIT.

Mathematically, a 2 minute walk for me could be 40-70 meters (i walk rather fast, old habbit). The journey isn't long, the walk just isn't enough to my liking. Whenever I choose to walk somewhere alone is probably because it's one of those times where you can just ponder on shit cuz ur all alone and nobody to bother you (the other one is showering, which I would get into some other time). Other then incoming traffic and crossing the road, people tend to disregard the events that are happening around them.

Do you?

I do. Most of the time at least. There was this one time though where I decided to disregard the OTHER things that are going on my life and see how much is going on around me, on that 2 minute walk to Publication Design class. With the help of my little friend of course.

First thing I saw. A warning for wet paint on a marble floor. What could actually had happened here? Was the painter eccentric enough to think that it would be more eye-catching to place the notice on the floor? Or some smart-ass just trying(with great success) to make an ironic joke?

It is obvious that something tragic may have happened to this lady right here, as she's bound to a wheelchair. She was reaching for small change to be given to a drunk that was lying down (not shown in the photo). So very.. "cosmic cooincidental".

Then there was this guy, who picked up the call WHILE crossing this alley, but stopped, backtracked and continued talking while going deeper in that graffiti infested alley. What are they talking about? Who was on the other line? Clearly he didn't want to be heard by the public? A transaction in progress, maybe? If you know what I mean, of course.

Someone (so random, unlikely) made me realize that most of the pictures i've been taking were obviously out of obligation (this blog, my readers), not for self fulfillment. My pictures used to have metaphysical meaning, narratives, stories, now they were slowly deteriorating into just "pictures". Pretty, but void.

Inspiration to this post? I hate to admit it, but hell yea.

Another note, my sister is a fucking genius. Korkor is soooo proud of you.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Ah.. Thanks Andrew, for the penalty.
Tho we didn't need it.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A little bit late.

2 days.
2 days ago was already a month since Andrew left.
I promised you, drew.. That there will be no more tributes. This isn't.
This is just a mini documentation on the other events that happen around a month ago. Besides you're passing.

A lot of questions were asked about this photo when it came out in
the Melbourne video. This one is in color. This was the first picture i took
after Chris, Tan and I touched down from Melbourne.

See, we weren't down ALL the time. You know us, we always
manage to scrape the fun out of ANY situation.
And you know no one else is better at it then Ben.

Yes we had our breaks. Lunch breaks, dinner breaks, ciggie breaks.
This particular one was taken in Kanna Curry House.

My brother, who I've not seen for almost one and a half years came back too.
From the Land of the Rising Sun.

Phone calls were made to friends around the world for their final messages for you.

Besides the obvious, there was another tragedy during your funeral, drew.
I was pulling out my camera from my bag and my lens cap dropped into the fucking
drain in front of your house. And that plastic bag that Henry gave me, had a FUCKING
hole in it.

Oh and again, the one thing I MUST thank you for is reuniting the F siblings
after so damn long from being apart.

Oh and we all shaved our heads for you. To imitate your new funky
hairdo. I mean it's not that you had a choice. Having a piece of your skull
taken out does require for you to loose some hair.
I kept some tho, cuz I was smart/wanted
to look more like you.
Damn, even the vainest mother fucker on earth (shin loong) shaved.
And Shaun now looks like his dad.

Now I shall repeat my statement that we did not put up that "oh im so sad/cool and this picture is gonna look so gangsta" face ALL the time. We did smile., to a certain degree.

Knowing that you are in a better place.

Monday, May 05, 2008

A long 3 years.

Taken in the elevator.
The Verve, Swanston Street, Melbourne.

I've always thought that I've been so lucky to have the people that are around me everyday. Yes, I miss my family and I love them to death but you never really learn how to appreciate your friends if you go through everything (not exactly, at least similiar) that I've been through. Although I do really hope that you don't.

No context here. This was taken by accident by a friend.
I just found it intriguing.

We went to TGI fridays 2 days back, part of it was to congratulate Fen and Nicky. It was 3 years ago that they found each other.






It was in Doncaster, loads of jokes were made about how almost the whole staff of Friday's back home at Malaysia were not even the legal age.

Another note, some places (Friday's, in particular) take their deco
quite seriously but ppl in general just take it for granted.
Here's a tribute and probably a reminder, for all of you.
It's real hard work.

Since we were in Doncaster, we then had desert at the famous Pancake Parlour.



There's been a lot of drama lately, between my circle of friends. Nothing major, I hope. I know.
It shall all get a lot better soon.

Congratulations, yer stupid penangites.
Ihope I'll get that call to photograph your wedding, 10-15 yrs from now.


Thursday, May 01, 2008