Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's been awhile eh?

From now on, I'm gonna try my best to jot down the technical specs of every photo. I'll TRY. Depends whether I'm in a rush or not.

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What a contrast between the two. Haha. Anyway here's the captain of the National Cheerleading Champions, Dynamitez and also, my little sister. She says she misses me but almost never talk to me on msn. Heh, bitch. Anyway as much as we used to fight when we were kids, I do miss her and love her very much. Apparently she's kinda bored at home now since me and my brother left.

Dina, study hard for spm. Korkor will be back soon.
(Top : 30mm f/4.0, 1/100, ISO200)
(Bottom : 45mm f/5.6, 1/125, ISO400)

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Took this awhile back when Eugene and I decided to go for a 5am swim downstairs. This was taken after the session around 6+am I think. Love the gradual tones from the sunrise.
(50mm, f/1.8, 1/50, ISO400)

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This would had been a candidate for my "intrigue" assignments but sadly it was taken a week after.
(Top : f/1.0, 1/200, ISO400)

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Daddy 'O. @ Puncak Nusa Kelana.
(Top : 18mm f/3.5, 1/125, ISO400)

Eug and gang (inc Stesh) are in Torquay beach, which's like 100km away from here for holiday, so I'm dead bored. Maybe planning to head out to that Pixar exhibition @ Federation Square since i'm bored and lonely. Haha.

Maybe some shots from there. Till then, ta.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Residents & Guests of 1804, Milano.

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Mun Fye has a house, Josh has his own place down the road, Simon and
Jay have their own BIGGER place. Point is, my place isn't the biggest 1+1 apartment
in Melbourne.. But they all hang here for some reason. Maybe it's the location, but DEFINITELY.. because of the residents.

Eug, Nick.. We cool la.


Sorry for not replying tags very often. Anyway here they are :

350d - haha, well she's not the most unattractive girls around.
simon - im not gonna reply that
bang - yeaa, boy.
anon - haha. it's quite fun.
liq - that post that i wrote was meant for ppl like you. however mate, it gets kinda boring here la.
josh - i dont know man. seriously.
simon - *same as above*
ben - join the club.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Sorry dude. Kinda got mixed up with the dates and shit. But I hope you're havin fun over there, mate.
Will never forget the days we had at 4/5 Balau.

Go easy on 'em chicks, bitch.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Zillieman's a lot bigger now.

Took this a while back in Kelly Latimer's housewarming. I've almost never brought my dslr to a party anymore. But Simon was playing with it on the way out so, might as well la.

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Not the best photo, I only brought the f1.8 lens out so the lens blur is crazy. The elevator's tungsten lighting also fucked up the light meter. But I love everybody's expression.
The boys from Will's Tower. (Jay + Simon)
Fucking posers.

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Chia Ee when she was still sober. The look on her face makes me wanna take the camera out more.

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Chia Ee's back in Msia, Simon's sad. Somebody do something lar. Whatever it is,
NO FEAR SIMON! Franklin bar's just down the road, yo.

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There's something wrong with these two photos. I think I might have fucked up the resolution during the "saving" process.

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The host. Kelly Latimer.

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Chia Ee. She's way past sober... and tipsy. And drunk.

The 24" seems to be affecting me in more ways then one. Haha. I'm a lot better now for those of you who are wondering, not sure for how long as I'm still fasting although I'm still on meds. And thanks to EVERYBODY that cared (you too, shaun).

Crunch time tomorrow. Gotta start work.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tag replies.

safuraa - baru update saje, kak.
pandaa - haha, thought u didnt like me anymore man.
eug - goddaaaaamn right.
hengy - haha thanks dude, but dont think that post was that inspiring.
jomi - soon, bro! soon!
anon350d - NO MAN! crazy. i dont have the bidget for that!
andrew - still can laaaa.
jooaun - tunggu aku la.
menghng - thanks man. at least somebody cares.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Because 24" is bigger then yours.

Hey there boys and girls. This shall be my first post while using my brand new 24" iMac. Yep, I'm a Mac guy now. I'm not much of a gamer and since I use my desktop mostly for designing/photography I thought it would be wise to invest in one since the industry has been dominated by the great white (sometimes grey, depending on the background) fruit for the past 10 yrs. Let's take a moment to bask in the mac ambience shall we?


Okay! Anyway I've put up two more links in my sidebar, one of it is an updated link for Safuraa's blog, which I highly recommend, she posts up great articles of appreciation for certain art movements which she finds really appealing. She's currently studying architecture in RMIT and she's one heck of a phenomenal photographer herself. One of the best I know. She's not bad in winning 11 too.

The second one is Khing Wei's blog. She used to be the girl that wanted to make out with me during form 1 during Malay tution (kiddin') but now she's one of my dearest girlfriend's. One of the nicest people you would ever meet, really. She used to be my sister's cheerleading mentor and now she's currently studying in Sydney. Well, she kinda asked me to link her after sms-ing me asking how did my day in the hospital went(i'll get into this later). Talking about udang sebalik batu, man. Haha, kidding ah wei.. Kidding.

Hospital Story - I was admitted to St Vincent's Hospital 2 nights ago for viral infection on my lungs. Had a migrane, cold sweat, high fever, sore throat, chesty cough, the whole package la so eugene rushed me to the hospital. Nothing serious la, it was prob because of the weather. My body just didn't deal with it very well. But I'm much better. now's my 3rd day of bed rest so I shall be back to class on thursday.

Mr.Mac needs a rest now. More updates, sooner then you think.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


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Meet Simon's girlfriend.
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Sometimes the most powerful images tells a portion of a story
and let's the viewer imagine the rest. There is no right/wrong answer because
it is all up to you.

Intriguing, no?

(at least I hope it is, or not I have to redo the entire shoot)