Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You fuckin tosser!

Tosser, it's aussie slang for pathetic looser. I'm not referring to anybody but it's just a word i learned a few days back when Suneil(peninsular school guy, it's an aussie school, the one simon went to if u were wondering) said somebody called him that when he was playing football. Haha. Oh here's a weird fact.. Suneil actually came for SMKDJ's 2005 Prom Night. I don't even remember seing a big black guy when i was up the stage that night. Except Nimalan though. First time i met him in Hartamas he was like, "Shit, you the Prom King! Dang man, I wanted to whack you that night. Your fucking speech was pissing me off." Or something to that extent cuz we were both not very sober. But here he is, 2 yrs later having coffee with me @ Saccerato, QV.. Melbourne.

Yes, just to CONFIRM with you few ppl back there, i'm in Melbourne pursuing my degree in Communication Design. What is that? Well, u also can call it Visual Communication as it is a way of communicating with the public through design elements such as shapes, colour, texture, line and everything else relevant to the term "design".

Sorry no photos here cuz i'm in uni. Internet will not be set up in my place until a weeks time back in my house. Just so you all know, i'm living with Mr.Tan Eugene. It's at the corner of Franklin and Swanston and the place is called Milano. It's a new place, barely a few months old and the best part is i have a dishwasher, oh my god it's so damn cool. You put plates in it and.. It comes out clean! What's cooler is that i have a pantry that you can pull out, it's so tall that it stretches from the ceiling to my waist, and i'm not very tall so.. It"s huge!!! Standby for photos.

But i havent mentioned anything about the view though. It's breathtaking. We practically can see the entire City of Melbourne. From QV to Melbourne Central, Yarra, and all the way to St Kilda(although it's kinda small cuz it's kinda far). It's almost a nightly habit for Gene and i to down a bottle of beer while baskin' up the ambience, the Melbourne ambience.

Okay, educationwise. It's been great. Excellent, in fact that you can tell by a snap of a finger the quality of the lecturers, the facilities.. Everything. My daddy's paying through his teeth for me to get a good education and all i can say that is.. Money well spent daddy-o, this is what i love doing and i WILL not let you down.

Chickswise.. wooohooo. For some reason communication design ain't that popular with the international students so me class is FILLED with aussies, better yet. I'm just one of 17 guys out of 157 people in the program so, do your math. However, i love my girlfriend very.. VERY much!

Haha, so how you guys coping without me in Malaysia? I hope you ppl do miss me cuz (this might be a lil cheesy) I think abt u peeps almost every single night before i go to bed. I just think but it's only been a couple of times when i get emo. Hmmm.
I can see and emo session coming up when my brother leaves.. in a few hours time. Sigh.

Ok i seriously gotta stop here cuz i'm rushing back home so.. Do hit me back yea, leave a comment. I really miss you guys.