Monday, January 29, 2007

Thirteen Days to Melbourne.

Gah i've passed the two week mark of the Aussie countdown.

Hasn't REALLY hit me yet that i'm leaving my homesoil but im sure when it does, it's gonna be dead hard. It's so soon, i was suppose to leave 2 years from now after my diploma, and i was suppose to be the LAST of my friends to leave this place but what do u know rite? Richard will be here all alone after all. Haha.

I spent 4 days shopping for necessities and i can tell you that in the entire duration of my damn life i have never shopped so much before. It's disgusting, really. Unhealthy, in fact. Really.. I'm no Metro so I do consider it as a VERY big deal. Haha. I've gotta do somtin manly like shave or somtin. Grr.

I do have a number of people who just can't fecking wait to get the hell out of Malaysia but to me, it'll always be home. No matter how awesome i'll tell you Melbourne is in my posts 2 weeks from now or whateva, I just would like to state the fact that there's no other place i feel at home then my own damn miserable country. Pre-mature statement? Maybe, but i am.. a closet patriot. Just one of those things that scouts has done to me.

So what will i miss when im gone eh? Here's a few from the top of my head :

Nasi Lemak from Lotus, DJ.

Nasi Lemak DJ.. The little one's u can find @ Jelutong, DJ.

Bumming around in Shaun's Hse.

Shisha sessions.

Chilling with those TobaccoFreaks. (mayang ppl)

Sending Kin Ian home.

Driving the RVN's to absolutely everywhere in my dad's Kia Carnival.

"18th birthday" operations.


Footbaall.. Although i was humiliated by a 53 year old veteran while playing today.

Aqmil and his stories.

37th Troop (the boys, the girls, nimalan, chyn yao, tai jia and co)

Those rare times i meet up with Juney. Haha.

Bkt Jelutong.

Ffk-ing breakfast? Haha.

My ss3 mate.. Ben.

And his SSGC ppl, Jeff and Henry.

Designing stuff for Jesus's sake. (before u call the syariah court.. I meant Ben's church)

Tea time.




Watching movies at a cinema. (heard it costs a bomb down under)

Photographing random international students @ Limkokwing.

My eventphotography crew, Zohann, Kwok Xheng, Yam and Grace.

Loads loads and loads. I'd have to get back to you on that.


Oh and I actually have a long list of people that I just HAVE to HAVE a drink with before i go. *pandaaa, hunyee, juney, raihan, 37thtroop 2005 crew (yes huang, you too) to name a few.

Gah, time..

Fucked up innit?

Friday, January 19, 2007


Fyi ppl, Malaysia will be celebrating it's 50th birthday this coming August.. So will the people borned on the exact same year which is 1957.

Like my mum!

Haha, yeap.. ChinaladyMum turned 50 2 weeks ago, just that i did not blog about it yet. It was a blast, they had it in this place near Hotel Maya, or was it AT Hotel Maya i forgot. It was this Japanese buffet thing. Very classy. When i said "they" i meant her friends who kinda had a suprise thing for her.

It was a big deal cuz it's like a jubilee and although I do wish my parents long life but rarely do people (TOUCH WOOD!) reach 100 nowadays. Well, we did get my daddy a stripper a few years back but that's another story la.

My sister got my mum a wallet from Esprit, my brother didn't do shit cuz of his "exams" (but he did ace it, he's flying to Japan this March), I got her this thingy which i am about to show you and my dad paid for the party and EVERYTHING else.

So this's what i got for the woman who carried me in her womb for 9 months :

The concept was to get everbody else except my mum to do something that represents themselves and i shall try my best to capture it, so hopefully it depicts how she has brought my bro, sis and i to become what we are now la. And how my dad hasn't changed from day 1. Haha. So here it is :

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My sister, the national champion cheerleader.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My brother, the smartass scholar.
He actually has to dress like that for classes.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me, photographer/designer.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My dad.. and his newspaper.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
End product.
Im lazy, so tilt ur head to the left.

We actually expected my mum to like.. Cry and stuff buuuut.. Hehe. Not happening la. Fuckla, i wonder why.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Did i mention about her birthday cake?
I shall wonder no more.


Anyhoo, about the comeback to that talentless, camwhoring, attention seeking lil shit. It'll be up next time around as i currently ain't in a sinister mood. Hehe.

But when i do, honey, im gonna bite ya.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
New Year's day. Can u believe that it's already been 2 weeks?

Update #1
I've been hanging around with Kin Ian and co a lot lately, haha. It's kinda gay, he actually gets pissed off if i don't call 'em out. But seriously, i cant remember a day when i did not see his fagface. I think it's prob because his girlfriend's in Dubai and most of the RVN's are having exams. So we're just stuck with each other, and at times Kwok Xheng.. Haha. My girlfriend's gonna dump me for having too many sausage fests. Gah.

Update #2
Lynn came back. She's always been one of those people you can have really intriguing conversations with. Whether it's about education, relationships and er.. the local economy. But she did think that i cheated on my girlfriend when Krystal dragged me out to teman her buy ciggies during her housewarming. Haha. She went back to Hong Kong just when i was about to ask her out for a yc session.

Update #3
I've been keeping quiet about this but i've been offered a place in Swinburne University of Techonology after the one of the Deans came down and had a look at my portfolio. So I'll be leaving for Australia this Feb 8th to do my BA in Communication Design. Heh. But i'm applying for RMIT and i'm still waiting for a reply.

Update #4
Stesh got accepted to RMIT for a degree in Fashion and Retail design. Buut it has nothing to do with why im going there. Well, not entirely. Haha.

Update #5
Scouts recruit camp's coming up. Kin Ian got elected as Camp Chief and i'll be helping him out. Im glad that it's happening before i leave so i can make one last contribution to 37th troop before i leave.

Update #6
Oh, and guess whose my roommate in Aus? Tan Eugene. Hahaha. Hot chick wei.

Update #7

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My new watch. Stesh got it for me for Christmas. I got her a jacket from Zara.
She exchanged it during Boxing Day. Nothing's sadder then that.

Update #8

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I don't know what that is.. But it looks like a butterfly.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A fray during fifa.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Some weird dry shit that you chinese people eat.

A little birdie told me that someone said that the quality of my photos exist only because of my camera. I was kinda startled by her immaturity but i nearly fainted when i found out who that talentless, camwhoring, attention seeking lil shit is.

Oh am i gonna get you in my next post.

"People take pictures, not cameras." - Sarah Moon

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Happy new year peeps. Have you lost interest in my blog yet?

I hope not.

Sorry for the extremely long MIA as it was due to that quake in Taiwan that has seriously fucked the lives of virtually everybody I know. Especially bloggers, I have a copy of The Star to back me up on that. Heh.

Well, no photos for this post.. I know it only happens once in a blue moon for my blog (refer to the Star.. again, if u will). But trust me, once everything's in full swing.. I have loads to share with you peeps. Stuff from my lame new years at Laundry Bar, but heck of an "after-party" at Eastin to some new artwork that i would like to share with you guys so please.. Stay tuned.

Anyway, since it's the new year, let me ask you peeps a question? What have accomplished during the '06 period eh? It's kinda fun listing down everything, so here i go.. ala Blackjettas. Last year I have (in no particular order) :

Established a scout troop @ Sri KDU.

Lost someone.

Fucked my SPM.

DID NOT go for DJ Tiesto.

Study design. (best thing that ever happened to me, academically)

Explored Putrajaya with the RVN's.

Chiefed a camp.

Designed a lamp.

Fell for the prom queen.

Tortured, waxed and humiliated a few RVN birthday boys.

Got tortured, waxed, humiliated and got warm coke poured down my throat by very angry birthday boys.

Took a girl for dinner in KL.

Got a smacking new camera!

Witnessed Unggul marching squad bag the gold.

Got lost.. and nearly died.. In KL.

Hired as a photographer for a number of proms.

Got pissed drunk.. Twice.

Tried absinth.

Had a drink with *pandaa.

Contemplated whether to accept the offer from Swinburne University.

Watched Richard fly.

Witnessed Paul Scholes smashed in a SCREAMER against aston villa.


Okay enough, my memory's failing me.

Gah, i bet nobody's even reading this. Hmmm.

Fuck it, Happy New Year.. Bye.