Friday, January 27, 2006

Ah Wei's birthday and Sri KDU

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Candles for Khing Wei.

She's gotta be the luckiest girl in the world. Who else gets 3 surprises for her birthday in one day? Her name is Goh Khing-Wei. Yeap, that girl whose hand i use to hold during tution last time and giggle afterwards. Haha. Haih, form 1 days. Although i only took part in two out of the three surprises, i think it was really sweet that Agnes and co went through so much trouble for her. After all, she is one heck of a nice girl.

However, i really liked the last surprise. It went like this. We all watched Geisha after dinner at Fish and Co aka 'Eat Our Fucking Overpriced Fish and Chips on a Frying Pan!' Restaurant. After that, we were told by Agnes to drive to her house before she reached. Yay, for the first time i was asked to drive fast! 1u to DJ in less then 6 minutes. Hoho.

Agnes and Wui Leng told Khing Wei that she had to go home but actually she went to her house to do this :

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If i did this for Kin Ian he would never ever talk to me again.

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IKEA candles. Everybody uses it.

The next day, i had a recruitment project @ Sri Kdu. Although it did go reaaaallly well, but i think their interests will fade in time. These students live in luxury, how the hell is camping, pioneering and backwoods cooking gonna appeal to them, really? We managed to get like 60 recruits and i'll be damned if 8 were left by the end of the year, seriously. Moreover, for some reason there was an overwhelming response from the girls compared to the guys ala 73rd Petaling. You can't blame them, i mean, who could turn down scouts when they have hot pieces of hunks as scouters eh?

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Eugene, Junhann, Me, Diandran and Fung How.

Kay, maybe scouter lar not scouters. Singular, not plural.

Sri KDU people, seriously. Fully air-conditioned classrooms, a restaurant for a canteen, library bigger then Tropicana's, super hi-tech IT lab and oh yea.. a teacher's lounge as a scout den.

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37th Troop of SMKDJ.

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Effking future Scout Den of the Scouts of Sri KDU.

Not that surprised actually, considering they pay like RM10,000 per semester. Have you ever seen RM90,000 flashing pass your eyes?

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Theeeere you go.

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No subject. I just like this picture.

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This one too. Haha.

That's probably all the zillierubbish that i can come up for today. Happy Chinese New Year peeps.

You have a good one.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Long Live 1SS !

Hoho, just finished doodling up these babies :

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Found this picture lying somewhere in my hard drive. It's a small market nearby my Grandmother's house in Kuala Kangsar. It didnt look nice the time i took it but when i saw it a few days ago i realized it gives a calming vibe to the person who looks at it. It's textured, sharp, and to a certain extent.. vibrant.
Effects : Mild desaturation, Sepia Filter and Sharpening.

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If you're observant enough, you can tell that these bottles are situated at the bottom left of the previous pic. It has a very rough texture and it had a natural contrast about it. So i knew it will look best in B&W. The black framing compliments the dark mood of the photo(although strangely, it's taken in the morning). I'm happy that the wooden box injects an element of nature to the bottles. So it doesnt look like it's taken from some ketchup factory.
Effects : Desaturation.

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I re-doodled this photo for as my sig for the Petaling Scouts forum. Nothing arty about it. I just think we look cool. I accidentally deleted the bigger version so..
Effects : Contrast.

And for the finale..

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Haha, the birthplace for the brightest minds of today.. 1 Sopan Santun!
To all DJ-ians, see if you can spot some familiar faces.
Christopher - Middle row. Extreme Left.
Hui En - Top Row. 6th from left.
Michelle Yap - Top row. 4th from left.
Brian Richard - Middle row. 6th from left.
Ken - Middle row. 3rd from right.
Shaun - Middle row. 6th from right.
Raffick - Bottom row. 5th from right.
Terence - Bottom row. 3rd from right.
Meng Hng - Middle row. 2nd from left.
Daryl Lee - Bottom row. Extreme right

Then there's me, bottom row. Second from right.
Freaking lengchai

Monday, January 16, 2006

Esther and Freddy

Lying down in your room, with the air-con turned on, reading a good book can be a real kickass sometimes. Well that's only until your fucking brother interrupts by banging on the fucking door like 5 times saying. "ZYL, FASTER COME OUT WEIH! SERIOUS WAN!"

Chibai, i thought my house was getting robbed and the guy had my sister at gunpoint (which would be cool, btw). I rushed out, ignoring the temptation of grabbing my samurai sword(an actual one, reall. Liyana bought it for me.) in case of anything.

"Eh, teman me for a while.. I'm watching Nightmare On Elm Street."


So i terpaksa lar, he is my bro u afterall.

The movie was kinda ridiculous actually. The guy can sneak into your dreams and kill you, but there was a scene when the heroine grabbed him, threw him on the bed and locked the door. He was stuck inside there while she went and grab her daddy's shotgun. I mean, if you have the cataclysmic power to enter somebody's dream. What's a fucking door lar?

Shite, really.

Plus, he's not even THAT scary.

Image hosted by
Freddy.. Er, doing an interview.

Image hosted by
However, this one gives me the creeps.

Image hosted by
To the Diva's fans, you'll probably know how this picture affects me.

Call my sister and I evil. But yea, my bro can be quite a pussy sometimes. But he has a scholarship though. At least something lar. =]

Anyway, i wanna admit something. Hands down, my sis's a better blogger then me. C'mon lar, this blog is a portfolio anyway. Just that i haven't doodled anything lately.

However, Nat. I still think you're a whore.

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Esther, and that bald guy.

Esther, where art thou? Seriously, i heard she's currently in that bomb shelter/college. HELP Institute. If you're reading, you and your Kenchong better yumcha with me one day. Miss ya girl.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Scouting 101 @ SMK Tropicana

"Eh koko, i thought u said you had something at 7.00?"

I looked at my clock, it was 6.50am. 5 minutes late to pick up the Marcus's senior uniform, 10 more minutes before he left for college, and 10 more minutes to the time i told Eugene to meet at Tropicana. Luckily, my sister still had her toothbrush in her mouth. At least she can share my misery, thought i could get her name written down again for the 1056th time in the prefects's black book. Mwahha.

How-effing-ever, after a very short breakfast and me stumbling with my uniform and my 'box 'o goodies' (something that i wanna show tropicana's recruits). Eugene told me that he asked one of the Tropicana scouts to bring his senior uniform, so i didnt have to take from Marcus anymore. That means i got to send my sister to school, early. Bloody bitch, she was like smiling and shit when she got down. And me, i had to floor the accelerator all the way to SMK Tropicana and thanks to that, i nearly missed the turning into BU and went to the road that's under construction. Hmm, if i did that.. i have to go all the way to Subang Jaya and turn back. I don't think anybody would want to do that. Innit? But thanks to Eugene and the last RM0.80 worth of credit to my phone. The journey to SMK Tropicana was stress free.

Lucky for me, when i reached there. Eugene looked free and he was putting on his uniform which can only mean im not late. And i wasn't.. phew. Now, here i come.. My first major Rover project. Scouting 101 @ SMK Tropicana. (it's an intro to the world of scouting for 147th Petaling's recruits in Rover H lingo)

I was fun, the recruits weren't that dead. I think me and Eugene make a good team. He handled the disiplinary part, made sure they take scouts seriously and handled the registration and paperwork and stuff. Oh yea, and he corrected my mistakes. I accidentally told them to wear dark blue shoes.. Shite. Mr.Fazil on the other hand, handled the intro, gave a talk about the uniform, camping life and i think he managed to pump up the crowd a little by asking them to jump around a little while waving their hands(cant remember how i thought of that). So i was the livewire and he was the fuse, u know, making sure it's not too much. At times lar, but i still think he did a lot more then me. Nevertheless, like i said, we make an excellent team. 5th and 37th former troop leaders promoting scouts in 147th Troop's school. Doesn't get more ironic then that.

On a similiar note, Pn.Yap (whose eerily resembles THAT chemistry teacher who use to hate my guts) is probably the best teacher advisor i have ever met. Not only she is super supportive, she actually wears a scout uniform during troop meetings. So unlike Ustaz 'eh-korang-boleh-handle-kan?' Fathli, 37th Troop's teacher advisor.
Big up for me homey Pn.Yap! C'mon, do it. Do it. Do it! Yea, there it is.. yadda boy/girl. You do know that you're probably crazy if you actually did cheer for her by yourself. So please, do stay the fuck away from me.

Sorry, camera was in super compress mode. Images are a bit pixelated.

Image hosted by
Mr.Fazil, a Tropicana Scout and Mr.Eugene.

Image hosted by
We didn't have a female exhibit, so we showed the girls how to wear their uniform(they have to tuck their shirts out) using this fella.

Image hosted by
Mr.Fazil and his vetruvian(not quite sure how u spell it) man. Had to ask him to spread his legs so they can get a better look at his uniform. Well, actually there wasn't much difference but i think it's funny. Ahahha, don't u?
Ok, maybe not.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Limkokwing or the One Academy?

This could probably be the most important important decision in my life so far. Tertiary(or however the eff u spell it) education. Art and design. Graphic design to be exact. But where? Yes both of them has their pros and cons, one of them happens to be the clear winner. But why the fuck whenever i make a goddamn decision, an external source comes in to put it all back to square 1. Hmm, here it is.. the ultimate comparison between two of the best schools for art and design in Malaysia.

The One Academy

Sorry Mr.Lim, you may be creative and shit. Heck, you even won the Entrepreneur of the Year award. You're an effking Tan Sri for crying out loud. But you failed to comply with the first rule of advertising. You fucking failed to nail a consumer with a kickass first impression. The One Academy certainly did.
Firstly, when i went for counselling they gave me a fucking folder full of brochures, one for each course and a list of all their students who are currently working for Pixar, DC comics, and SEGA. Don't even get me started about their website. Brilliant intro. Excellent concept about the transformation of a butterfly.It's easy to navigate, very detailed about their courses(they have a page for each of their subjects and classes). Other then that, the site tells you that one of the three founders happens to be a creative director for Leo Burnett Malaysia. Our country's #1 advertising agency. Too bad it's a fucking block of shop lots next to Sunway Pyramid. Oh yea, free entries to Sunway Lagoon for 4 years.

Limkokwing University College of Creative Technology
It's in Cyberjaya, in a few years time it will be the most developed and high-tech district(i think) in Malaysia. But fuck that, the problem with it it's also because of the fact that it is, in fact IN Cyberjaya. I live in SS3, so it takes me like 25 minutes with smooth traffic to get there. With weekday traffic.. It would be like.. say.. 1 freaking hour?
Facilities are top-notch, foosball tables, a huge gym, cafeteria, like a million parking spaces, and subsidised haircuts (provided you sacrifice yourself as a guinea pig to one of the hair design students).However, from what i heard, the lecturer's are.. shit. And the students aren't that different.
I was talking to Zohan that day, he's in LKW. Our conversation was fine until he started talking crap, he's speech pattern started to change and shit. So i asked, and he told me he was smoking weed with Aqmil, and i thought.. "Ok, i'll talk to u later lar liddat." Then he continued and said, "You know what, in Limkokwing, it's nice to get stoned with the lecturers. They're damn fun when they're stoned."


'Nuff said bout the lecturers.
Their website is shit too, fucking hard to navigate, and it tells u nuts about they're courses.
Not only that, it doesnt even touch on their success stories. So, there can only be one explanation.. there aren't fucking any. That's nice.

Image hosted by
Super annoying ass navigation thingy.

Image hosted by
Vibrant and easy to navigate. Too bad LKW's corporate colour is black. Dull shits.

For some reason, all my dad's friends who are in the advertising industry just seems to reccomend Limkokwing. It's strange really. According to one of them, whose an animator and a fucking millionaire.. One Academy produces students who are skillful, but they're not very outgoing and posses almost no leadership quality(majority, not all. So TOA students, im not judging you). Limkokwing on the other hand, produces student who are all-rounded. Acceptable skills, outspoken, can present and communicate very well. My parents, of course prefer the Limkokwing.
So, strangely, my scale tips more to the dark(black) too. Limkokwing it is.

At least for the time being. Till next time... Stay cool. Haha.

One last thing, i would like to thank Athena from TOA and Zohann from LUCCT for your help. If i was to be a big time art director next time.. Drinks are on me. In my mansion on top of a hill. =]

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mum in a box.

I shall make blog history today. Well, seindahirama's blog history at least. I am posting my first artwork for you guys to criticise 'constructively'. Well, like the title, it just looks exactly like it sounds like. It's my mum.. in a box.

The Story.

It was my dad who came out with the idea that i should design something for my mum because it was her birthday. Of course, being a mummy's boy.. i agreed.

When the whole world was asleep, i cracked every single creative cell that i have in my head (not many actually), did some sketches and it all came out, well, ugly and shit. Then,I got a little hungry after that so i went downstairs to get something to eat. As i opened my kitchen cabinet, there stood a mini Frosties cereal box that i bought months ago. I thought to myself, why make her a card when you can actually make an EFFKING BOX. God, sometimes i actually wonder why im so brilliant. My hunger almost immidiately vanished as i ran upstairs and turned the 2nd best achievement in technology. Adobe Illustrator CS2 (the best is photoshop fyi..). I rendered a 3d image of box, and took the wireframe so i could paste the artowork directly on 'em. Well, the result was pretty simple, really.. you'll be surprised by how simple it actually looks, actually. No, you'll actually be dumbfounded by the fact why i just didnt say that i drew a cuboid but tell you i 'rendered a 3d image of a cereal box'. Well, it looked like this.

Image hosted by
Some complex shite, innit?

Believe it or not, it took me 5 and a half hours worth of color coordinating, extracting, sampling, re-sizing, and whatever shit else i did with my Adobe Photoshop CS to come out with the skin of the box. To know that i am gonna spend the next 3 years of my life doing this shit kinda scares the living fuck outta me. Here's the result of no sleep and 2 cups of coffee (instead of me looking like Jeremy from Dawn of the Dead. Who? Jeremy! You see, that's the problem with people these days, they just don't care about the effking zombies in zombie flicks. All you care about is that chick wearing a wet t-shirt carrying a big gun. Do you realize that zombies are the.. Hmm, i'm straying of topic.)

Image hosted by
There you go, pretty simple eh? Why it took so long? Here are the reasons :
  1. There wasn't a single decent picture of my mother in my hard disc. She only had 3, so there are actually 2 others that i didnt bother to post up.
  2. I think you should consider checking out the detail of my mum's pic. Every strand of fucking hair i had to extract it from the raw picture. You can also see that i got a little lazy after that. Hehe.
  3. Colors can be a bitch, why oh why didnt god just made the world in black and white. You know like.. And God said, "On the third day(i think), let there be light! And with light, let there be.. argh fuck it. Everything looks good now anyway. Moreover, this way, colorblind people will just be.. er.. people." So yea, i tried green, red, purple and even fucking Fosties Blue before i stumbled into yellow, which incidentally just could be my mum's colour. Hmm.
  4. Sizing. Hehe, took me awhile. But i got one of the dimension's wrong so i had a little trouble sticking it together.
  5. Because you're an idiot.
Ahh yes, there you have it. The story of my mum's birthday present. Just to clarify, i actually printed it out, sticked it together to form a REAL box. Haha, the things i do for me mama. She told me she liked it, she even claimed she showed it to her friends and THEY liked it. Aahh, was worth it after all sleeping at 8AM and looking like Jeremy (u know, that guy from Dawn of the Dead?).

Happy birthday mum!

Oh yea, one more thing, when u woke up at like 3pm after making me the card, the first thing she said was.. "SLEEP LATE SOMEMORE LAR! NOW YOU'RE LIKE A VAMPIRE!"

Haih, i love you too.. mum.

Image hosted by
The finished product.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


What's it been like eh? 8 months? Hmm, how did you guys survive it eh? 8 fecking months. Well, i was close to re-opening my blog a few times. There was that lesbian that kept on bugging me to keep on writing because she claims that she has lost her will to live after 3 months without a single post. Well, she's kinda missing in action now. Hope nothing happens to her.Well, i promised someone that this blog will almost be nothing about my personal life. Like i said in my profile, it will be a portfolio/article dumping site. Hoho. Why portfolio? Because i'm doing graphic design in Limkokwing in a month's time and whenever i finish a piece of work, i need you people to comment on it (be honest although if it's shit). So i will know that im not going crazy.

So yea, welcome to Hope you have fun reading it and i you dont, well kindly press alt+F4, put your head in to a toilet bowl and flush your fucking head down you fucktard, everybody loves my blog! Hmm, let's leave the 'crazy' to my college days eh? Until then, have fun !

Sorry about the lala picture by the way. I'll make up for it with this.

Very, very good looking people.