Saturday, May 21, 2005

Half a Year

6 months.. I've been together with Liyana for six whole months. I thought it was like yesterday i got together with her. It felt like last week when i held hands in the car with her and asked her. It felt like hours ago when she said yes. As scary as it is, im so fucking happy to be with her. I couldn't ask for anything more in a girl. Liyaba, u may not read this and i may have never said it to u, but i am head-over-fucking-heels in love with you.

Anyway, remember when i said physics nearly killed me? It did. Just found out that i left 10 questions empty for my objective and ended up getting a 22/50. Maybe it was a 22/40. Thats sounds better. Nevertheless, i need to get at least 26/40 for my paper 3 and i've did my research and it seems like to get more then 24 is indeed.. impossible. Good job Fazil, u sure are a FUCKING GENIUS !

English on the other hand, was probably the best paper i ever did in terms of how well i THINK im gonna do. It was at least 800 words..hoho. I wrote the one where u have to start ur essay with "I think today is gonna be one of those days where nothing much happened". Haha, i concluded the story with something like this "It was only in the morning when i thought that nothing was going to happen, Mr.Siva (yes, he was in my essay) didn't punish me for coming 2 hours late, Liyana (she's in it too !) talked to me, and i scored 6 goals against a bunch of college bullies. Perhaps I was wrong." Oh my god, that's some Dan-fucking-Brown shit eh? Hahahaha..*cough*

Yes ! i blogged for 2 days in a row. Hope you're happy Krystal. =] And i didnt even mention Star Wars.

Friday, May 20, 2005


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I dont think she's that hot..what do you think? =]

Fuck Me.. 2 Months?

Hmm got knows how the hell i got through 2 months without blogging, (sorry krystal) but here i go.

Firstly, i have recruited a new member in my very own i-know-fazil-is-gay-cuz-he-has-a-blog-club, which is Eugene. Knew him for almost a year already, a fellow troop leader himself for 5th petaling. Funny how i never mentioned about him throughout my blogs..hmm.

Apart from exams, everybody know the biggest hype at the moment is Epi-fucking-sode III : Revenge of the Sith. Ok, im not exactly a star wars nerd but i have to give it to them, especially after watching that sweet-ass trailer which had that Palpatine guy turning into some kind of a monster and started flashing his lightsaber at Mace 'the coolest fucking jedi ever' Windu, played by Samuel L. Jackson (one of the most god-like actors ever),then it was Natalie 'the stripper in Closer' Portman, then it was a glimpse of Anakin Skywalker with his new look (black robe, long-hair scar on his face), then Natalie Portman, then ugly-ass Ewan Mcregor as Obi, Natalie Portman and of course the fully transformed.. Darth Vader. Omigawd, i swear i have never been so excited since the Matrix Sequels (they were shit btw), but i just have this gut feeling that it will indeed 'do a Revolutions' then 'do a Return of the King'.

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Hoho, look what i found. The words ur looking for is 'Oh my god..'

Physics was a killer today. I don't know how in the fucking hell that i actually thought that there are only 45 questions in paper 1 that made me leave out the remaining 5. So i only did 45 question and i didnt know how to do 15. Fuck, i've to get at least 40 marks for my paper 3 to get at least 60% for my physics.. C'mon Fazil you can do it, i thought u were the physics king!?

Perhaps not.. Oh well.

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Two random pics, pic of me in Ipoh for a cousin's wedding and a pic of.. Yea, my boys.

Getting a little sleepy, gonna sleep now, but wait. Since we're in a Star Wars mood (not anymore actuall but fuck it), i came across this pic.

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Imagine the impact it had 15 years after The Return of the Jedi, the story of the origin of Darth Vader is about to be told. This magnitude of the impact it has on Star Wars geeks is much more then the World Cup does for me as this is like more then a decade and a half of waiting. I know, the movie is 4 fucking years old (it sucked too) but i really do think it's the best teaser poster i've ever seen.

Thats all for now, English.. here i come !