Saturday, March 26, 2005

Eh? I Have a Blog?

Yes, i do. Was it like what? 3 weeks without blogging. Well, im not Krystal so it doesnt have a huge impact on me. Hehe.

So exam's over. Technically it isnt. Since we have that stupid EST paper this Monday. Although there's no scouts buuut i still hafta wake up just as early tomorrw. Form 4's had to come up with a performance for this Malam Kebudayaan at SMK Tropicana tomorrow night and im suppose to make sure dat it isn't well ...lame. I am expecting the worst by the way. Goldielocks and the 3 bears? How bad can it be?

Let me see what i can remember in the last three weeks. Oh yea, me and Liyana cheated on that once a month thingy. Hehe, during the holidays.. I participated in this Leo project in Taylor's College. It's somtin like they give us a chance to see what college life is like. Boring at times, and of course all the fun came from time spending with her. Mentor of the day was of some guy Fabian.
Yadda yadda kissed her at Mcdonald's and made like 10 ppl stare yadda yadda yadda. And it was over.

And then, yea, my brother left for NS. Hmm, the guy whose been with me every single day of my fucking life ever since the day i was born. Will be away for three months. Well, it wasnt that bad when he left cuz he came back a week after that for a dental appointment. But when he left again, hat was when it hit me really hard. He slept on his bed while i was studying physics. My mum called, he got up, took his bags, and left the room. I tried to act like it was nothing by just looking at my book. Then he got back into the room, hugged me and said "See you in 3 weeks bro, if i can get out." I was like "Yea, take care weih." Then he walked out the door. I went into the bathroom and stared at the mirror. Never seen my eyes so damn red before. I could see my face change. It didnt take a second after that for me to start weeping. Like a baby. It's been months since i cried but it was nothing compared to this. 3 months, without my brother. I rather go through the same feeling when Christine cheated on me for another 8 more times.

What else?

Fuck. 3 weeks! Is my life really that boring. Hmm, maybe im just out of form. Bargh. Maybe i'll post some pics to keep Krystal entertained. Hehe.

It's confirmed, we're loosers. haha.
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Top two : Camp
Bottom three : Bro/NS

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Run Run Run / Cute Cute Recruits

It's been one week since my last blog. Hehe.. Krystal is already complaining and, well, in some ways, i am kinda dissapointed in myself too. I better start to learn to be commited to something instead of relationships.

Merentas Desa was ok. I kinda had fun going around with Ben and King spraying everybody's hair purple..Haha. And then accusing them for betraying their houses later on cuz i sprayed all the house captains..Mwahha. Well, i went to Atria with Liyana after the run. And i just realize that that place is as sad as hell. Haha, there was like absolutely noone there..Migawd. It was fun, nevertheless. For some reason Liyana seems to be allergic to cameras everytime i pop my Kodak out she'll be like "Get that thing the fuck away from me." Haha.. Damn shez vulgar, but yea.. I find it kiiinddaa hawt. Hehe. Liyana had to stay back for her banner painting thingy but i had to go. Since she was staying back, i decided to play handball in school after prayers.
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Merentas Desa.. 2 Bottom Pics : Liyana's Banner and Handball

Nothing much to say about handball, just the fact that i got to spend a lil more time with Liyana is 'nuff. Hmm.

Recruit Camp. Well before that, Liyana called me at 5am cuz she promised that shez gonna tell me somtin 'corny'. Hehe.. but i couldnt wake up on time. She did call, but i was to groggy to talk to her. Aiz, fuuuck me lar!

Back to the camp, it started of with building the commando crawl, i was in-charge of the the "climbing over the tembok" station so all i had to do was well, clean the area. Probably first time in my scouting life i got such an easy job. Then after that, was training the juniors marching, migawd.. i swear i nearly killed myself while teaching them..Eek. The commando crawl was fun, Simon's station was the "ultimate" station. It was this really long 'pond' that we dug ourselves which was one foot deep and maybe 10meters long. The juniors had to crawl through it..Hoho. But i also had fun at my station, i got to teach all of 'em how to.. er.. ponteng school. Haha. None of them could climb over themselves, haha. So i had to help them by teaching them a thing or two i learnt from cheerleading.. Did i say cheerleading? No, i meant First Aid Course. Hmm. But of course after that we had to cover back the big pond that we dug. So, yea.. it was like fucking prison work. If only we had a big black metal ball chained to our legs.. It would complete the look. Hehe.
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From top to bottom : Before, after and after after.
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Teaching kids how to skip school.

The 2nd day fun. No commando crawl so it was kinda chilling. I got the chance to be the knots examiner, so i got to like bully the kids a lil..Haha. God they were so damn cute lar. Haha. During the closing ceremony, we finally got our first seniority badge..few. After 4 months of waiting we finally got it..Mwahha. Well, i forgotten to take a group pic but, there was this girl who passed all her tests came to me and said, "Sir, i think i earned this badge because of you testing me knots, thx a lot sir!" That reaaally made my day.
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Recruit Camp, you get the picture.

But duringg the camp, Liyana dropped by after her leo project. We talked, and she told me when i said that i was crazy to worry about me being a bad boyfriend because she said that shez happy that im hers. Fooh, i couldnt stop smiling. That was until she tried to kiss me, man.. I actually stepped back and say.. "I can't" Reason being that i was still participating in the camp and i was in my uniform. Fuck, i turned down a kiss.. Didnt know i was so fucking dedicated to scouts. Wallaueih. It was a mixture of beinf proud and dissapointed at the same time. Aihz., fuck me man.

Aiz, camp is over so there is only one thing left. Exams. Till then, this is what i have to spill on mr.blogger right now.