Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Bad Day So Far

The ringing sound from my super loud alarm clock literally shook my entire bed, i struggled through my blurry vision to find that stupid clock. Picked it up, turned it off, and went back to sleep.

It was 6am, an hour before i woke up to get ready from skool, and an hour before my sister (i swear to god) nearly killed me. God, i did not even take a shower, heck, i even forgot to put on my socks. Aiz, so i came to school looking like i just smoked an entire bag of weed. Stoned.

Everything was going well, until Pn.Shalawati came in and asked Soo Huan whether she brought her hp(she did). She denied. So she told Hamizan and she brought in her SWAT team of fucking blue fuckheads into my class for a spot-check. They were looking up and down for her phone and guess what they found? My fucking phone. Haihz.. Im gonna kill that Jung Xian.. Or whatever the fuck his name is.

Other then the phone prob.. Liyana is suppose to go for this Leo Telematch thing. Yea, although she just enjoys torturing me by telling me the amount of hot guys that's suppose to turn up for that event. I cant help but be paranoid. Haha. I just cant help it. Moreover, the fact that shez only allowed to go out with me once a month just hit me. Hehe, it took a few weeks but i just realize that this reaaallly sucks. I mean seriously, once a month? Hmpf.

However, i have this theory about relationships. The key to a long and fun relationship is that a boyfriend shall not spend too much time with his girlfriend. Spend just a little bit less then enough time. Always keep yourself on your toes and of course, keep her wanting more. Once you do something big or romantic, keep your distance for awhile. It keeps the 'interestingnes' and adventure in a relationship. Hehe. Well, a month or so ago, i thought that my theory was slowly deteriorating when i heard that yam and juney call each other almost everyday and talk for hours. Then, they broke up.. Aahh. And so my theory once again, is flawless! Mwahhahaha..*cough* But now, i seem to call Liyana everyday. So, in order to honour my own theory i decided to stop calling for a few days. The problem is, she doenst even realise that i stop calling, she doesnt even call me or mentions about it..Hmm. Fuck lar, I'm back to square one.

Ee-Lynn has been added to my very small list of people that know about my blog. And she says that it would be nice if i included more about my classmated since i spend every single day with'em. Hmm.. and so i shall.


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2 faggots that i see everyday of my effing life..Haha.

Friday, February 25, 2005


Ok.. Drama didnt turn out as well as i thought. I think we got last or somtin, and i dont know how Jati got first. Maybe because they had Nat flashing off her assets. Hoho.

On the other hand, Liyana somehow won her debate thingy, yes i am happy for her but it's scaring me cuz if we ever got into a fight, dont think i have chance to actually win. Hehe. That's the down-side for having such a smart girlfriend, hmm.

I have been slacking on my duties as a troop leader rescently, fuck.. I forgotten about all the events and now i have to actually push some of 'em further in to the year cuz of the stupid 5 week PPD form policy. Aiz.. which reminds me that i have to have a small meeting with the entire coh to notify them about this. Isy.. 4 more months.. 4 more months!

Football. Havent been playing it since god knows when and now i totally fucking suck at it. Haihz, but we still managed to whoop some illegal immigrants from china's butt 4-2 today, mwahaa. No, im serious, they are illegal immigrants, or Andrew is just a fucking good liar.

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Huang and the hole in my classroom.

Image Hosted by this picture.

I think i'll post some pictures.. Oops, i just did.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Mr.Cheerleader/Drama/ "Can i go out with Kee Peng?"

Drama., drama, drama.

That's wat school is all about for the past few days. Hmm, worst is that i actually play a blind witch who shares her eyeball with 2 other witches. Hehe. Well the up-side of it is that i get to skip class.. Mwahaha. I dun really know why i even bother talking about it. It's so depressing, probably gonna embarass myself once again. Ahh, i'll just do it for Esther since she worked her ass off writing the whole script.

Anyway, Unggul. All the guys ditched me so i had to like jump around all alone with a bunch of gurls, got forced to shuffle (which i seeriously cant) and was asked to choreograph a 3 minute dance (no sweat, i choreograph dances all the time! rite?) Anywayz, thank god Liyana dropped by after her debate or not i'll be seriously booored. Well, actually.. I got a little pissed when almost all the cheerleaders left when Unggul started, aiz. As usual, i slacked again as Unggul Capt. Eeesh.

Ok, the biggest part of my day. First it was Wei Huang who said that he couldnt print the registration, then i forgot to finish my literature, then there was Liyana who asked me "Would it be ok if i went out with Kee Peng?". Niiice. Ok, firstly, i am not entitled to even answer that question, and i cant stop her from going to a 1on1 date with one of the guys that i hate the fucking-most. So i had to say yes. Hmpf.

Physics tution was ok, had fun annoying Juney. Hehe. I still dont get her and Yam.

Finally, i think that quite a number of people found out about my blog. Haihz, i trusted you guys!


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One of the gayest pics i have in my comp. Boon, me and Teoh

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Elevators and Valentine's

So it was Sunday,

Was suppose to go to Mid Valley cuz Liyana was really bored with 1u. But i still forced her to go to 1u because there isnt any movies available in Mid. We were suppose to meet at 12.00pm but as usual i woke up at 11.30pm.. Haha. Luckily, she called me and said she is going to be half and hour late. Thank god.

I got ready pretty fast , and reached there at 12.00pm. Woah, i was impressed by my ownself. I went straight to BK to get a bite while waiting for her. I met a few juniors there and one of them actually came up to me and said "Hi, sir." Although i was mighty impressed, i played cool by just smiling and replied with a simple "Hi." Mwhaha.

Then she arrived. She claimed she was tired because she was in Mid Valley in the morning with Kat. God knows what they were doing. Off to the movie then.

The movie was Constantine. Gooood movie. Angels, Demons, Angels getting killed, Demons getting killed, Rachel Weisz getting wet, getting to kiss Liyana in between scenes.. My kind of movie. Haha. So good that i think it is the only movie i actually 'watched' with Liyana. However, Liyana was busy salivating at the sight of that fag Keanu Reeves. Cheh.

Well, we just wondered around after that, stopped at freo to drink some drink called "Mango-Licious".

Then it came the time we went on the elevator. Yea, then.. U know. It's funny cuz if ppl came in we hafta like wait till they get out and i have to keep pressing the buttons so it will go back and forth from the basement to the top floor, then from the top to the basement. After 4 or 5 rounds, i got tired (of pressing the buttons..hehe. c'mon, i wont even get tired if i had to do it while running..haha).So i went out, i asked Liyana to tell me if i pressed the button would there be a sound. Just when i was about to press the button, the elevator went down 3 floors..fuck. Argh, went it came back we just did it one more time and then we left. Met up with Kat and her mum after that before she had to leave.

When i came back, it was all about Liyana's card. Slept not long after that.

So it was Monday,

Valentine's day. Helped Wei June and Ee-Lynn before school with the fuckload of flowers. I was practically running all over school because i wanted to put the card on Liyana's desk. Hmm, didnt manage to. Fucking Leo's. Haha.

But i did manage to do it when i was on my way back from the library, hoho. However, when i met her during recess.. Yes, she did not realize it was there.. Hmpf.

Im not gonna talk about the rest of my day in school cuz im kinda excited about what happened after. When i got back, i went straight to my room. I dumped my bag and stepped outside to turn the heater on. The weird thing was, when i got out, my whole family was staring while smiling at me, Ok, scariest thing i ever saw. Then they said.. "Go, you said u wanted to take a shower.. Go!"
I was like.. "Omg..What the fuck is wrong with you ppl!"

So i went back to my room.

Then there it was, a small, well wrapped, silvery-blue box. with a little ribbon on top. Then there was a red card next to it. I took a look at it. It was signed "Liyana". I have never been so happy for a long long time.

God, i love her.

That's it for today.. Off to do homework.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

18 Nov '05 ( i think)

"What did i just do?" The most memorable thing that i said to myself during leisure camp. Was thinking about it before memories from the best camp ever came flashing back b4 my eyes.

Haih.. here i go again with the pics.
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(clockwise from top left) Me and Rezzy, Kent and Kat, Fei Kin and Lynn (i think this is a beautiful picture), Me and Kent (Haha), Me and Ah Wei.
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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Havent been updating my blog for some time cuz of the new year. Well, Chinese New Year.

The hourney to Penang was short. That was because my dad still thinks he's 25 and drov like a madman. It was suppose to take more then 4 hours but we reached under 3 hours flat. Haha. Well, we left at night so we reached in de morning. So, i just slept when we arrived at 2.00am.

So it was Tuesday. Woke up, and followed my cousin and my bro. Cousin wanted to see his friend so we just followed him. After that, we just drove around Penang. Stopped in a shopping complex, played multiple rounds of Pool, and damn.. Im so fucking good at that game. We took 3 hours to play 4 rounds. Haha. Went to fetch my uncle on the way back and then it was dinner and.. Ok, my cousin then called and invited us to this thing that her 'community' organised. When i was there, it didnt take me long to realize that the people there were scary looking, then only i came to realize that my cousin's husband happens to be some high ranking fella in some underground horse-racing company. Hmm.. Scary Shit. Oh yea, then there was one time when this fella decided to light some big-ass rocket horizontal-style which wreaked some havoc..Haha. Yea,dat was Tuesday.
Image Hosted by
During the event that my cousin's community organized. Check out the amount of fireworks that got used up. Haha, it's enough to level a 3 storey building.

Visited on my late grandma's grave. Hmm, mom and all my aunties wept. Aihz.
Image Hosted by

Well, the tradition was like this.. We visit our 1st aunt on the first day, 2nd aunt on the 2nd day
and so on. Well the only thing that stands out was the 1st day because my cousin's b'day was on the same day and we went to this club called Glo. Haha.. Yeap, first time clubber. It was dark so i didnt know wat we were drinking. Well, i know that she opened a bottle of Absolut Vodka but i didnt know what i was mixing it with. Then she toled me later on that it was.. Guess what? Ribena.

So, that was Chinese New Year. If you wanted me to tell you my Real CNY story, it would had took ages. Pictures do say a thousand words.. So, enjoy.
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Above : Me and my bro and sis; Below : Ahh, everybody in red.

Image Hosted by
My favourite pic. That's my niece, Brina( dun really know how to spell her name). Cute as hell isnt she?

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Sis, Jwan and me.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Was suppose to leave to Penang last night when suddenly my mum found out that a damn pipe in front of my house exploded(well, somtin like dat lar). So, it got postponed to tonight.

So, here i go. Woke up kinda early this morning. I think it was around 11.Before i even took a shower, i went online. Suprised to see Liyana online but i wasnt as suprised as her seeing me cuz i told her i already left for Penang. Chatted with her until my mm interrupted by scolding me for not taking a shower. Haha, it's like im still 10 yrs old.

Then, mum suddenly wanted to go to The Curve cause she wanted to do some last minute shopping.After we reached, dad and Eddie took their haircuts in this 10 minute Epress Haircut thingy. Bro and I just wondered around, checking out ipods, and this big-ass sports shop(4got the damn name). Dad then called us for a drink in this place called Uncle Lim..Hehe. I think i read 6 chapters of Angels and Demons and an entire FHM magazine while waiting for my mum.

Came back and i did finishing touches to the card i made for Liyana for Valentine's. God, i am like so good in Photoshop..Haha. Watched Closer, yea.. the movie IS sick and twisted, but who cares? Natalie Portman is HOT.

Got depressed halfway through the movie and i decided to call Liyana. The best part was when i called her again after i the long conversation. I asked her whether shez gonna miss me and she said, "Did you even have to ask?" That's like the sweetest thing she ever said. Migawd, i felt like a 12 year old falling for a girl for the first time.

So here i am, minutes away from getting in the car. Happy Chinese New Year to whoever that's reading this. (Well, it's only either Krystal, June or Yam)

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Beautiful eh? (Am thinking abt the msg though)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Girls Scouts / Gotong-royong / 73rd PJ / Valentine's Present

Well it started out with a normal scout meeting, blowing of whistles, the boys excitedly gathering in their lines, scouters being late, Johnny's being dumb. Well, the difference was a lot more people were in school today. There was this gotong-royong that's held nationwide to "membasmikan" the denggue crisis.

Everything was already planned out, delegation of jobs were made. Until, this teacher said she needed 50 scouts, and another teacher said she needed 10, and another, and another, and another. Fuck.

I actually promised my scouters that the recruits wont be involved in the gotong-royong, because they needed to learn up their "keahlian" syllabus. But since we have a shortage of man(and woman)-power . We had to use the recruits.

Despite all the work, I had fun. Delegating jobs, making sure everything runned smoothly, Nian King did a good job with the bakau shiftings, Kenchong with the bamboos, Jian Yau with the den, and Simon,Wing Chuan and Boon Liang kepts the school clean. Well, the part i enjoyed the most was communicating with my girl-scouts. I am like the first troop leader in 37th PJ who ever got the chance to do dat. I once asked this group of girls to help shift the bakau and they were like "EEYER, so dirty lar!" Hahahah.. Omg, i nearly laughed my ass off. The most fun i had in scouts.

After scouts, i was suppose meet Kat, Hunyee and Jeffrey in 1u at around 1.30pm. So when i reached 1u at around 3.00pm(hehe). They asked me to meet them in Mcdonalds. So we chatted for a while. The thing about Hunyee is, she knows exactly what im going through as a Troop Leader, i mean exactly. Kathryn kinda like told Hunyee that i always just stand around only asking ppl to do work and not doing anything else. Then she defended me by saying "That's what we're meant to do!" Sometimes i find it scary for a girl to know everything about what i have been through for 4 years with a big group of guys. Dont call me a sexist but it's true. Anyway, we just followed Kat around after that.

Kinda had a small family barbecue after that, which really sucked cause i like burnt all the lamb chops.. Haha. I cant cook. Haiz.. Was so full that i couldnt even move after the bbq (well, there were other food of course.. not just the "Farhan" lamb chops.)

Well, Birmingham got nailed by Man Utd. 2-0, Keane and Rooney. Missed half the match because i was talking with Liyana.

That was my day.

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Top : The Master at work; Middle : Family at work; Bottom : Me posing with Gary

Image Hosted by
Yes, they were "impressed" by my cooking.. Haha.

Image Hosted by
Bro cracking one of his lame jokes.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Schooool... I didnt go to school today.

Well, i've been late for like four out of four days this week so when i saw the number "7.10" on my watch this morning. I didnt bother to wake up. I just couldnt be late for another damn day. Well, actually i took a shower, changed my clothes and ate my breakfast b4 deciding not to go..hehe. Even my 'Prefect' sister was faking illness.

So i went online in the morning. Hmm, was probably the first time i my contact list was reeeeed. So i went to read a little bit of Bio. Haha.. Yea.. Im just joking. I dropped bio la.

So, I slept.

Angelina Jolie and Jeniffer Garner were like naked and they were like crawling towards me until.. "Woi, wake up! Let's go for prayers!" Hmm.. Then i understood that things like that only happen in my dreams. My dad was already in his sarong and songkok.

During prayers.. Bro and I skipped Khutbah and chilled in the car listening to music. I think dat alone can send a person straight to hell.

Unggul today was shit.. Very little ppl turned up. Ironically, all of them had fun today. I accompanied some of the girls who wanted to run instead of playing Captain Ball. When we came back, i asked them to join the others. The girls had their own game and so did the boys. It was the first time i saw the entire Unggul squad having fun. Ahh.. So off to yam cha with Ben, which is a standard Unggul meeting ritual.

Didnt do much after that, Mum was lazy to send me to tution cuz she was busy marinating chicken, so she juz asked me to study. Which i did, i just updated my physics notes and read a little. No, im not joking this time. "Gelombang yang merambbat dari kawasan yang dalam ke kawasan yang cetek adalah setara dengan cahaya yang merambar dari medium yang kurang tumpat ke medium yang lebih tumpat."

Take that..bitch.

I just heard that Pn.Betty asked the afternoon sessioners to wear "Pakaian Sesuai" so now many of them are like confused. Haih. If they turn up without uniform tomorrow.. Im gonna fuck them up nicely. No excuse.

Argh.. i miss her like crazy.

Random pics...
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A big happy family. (with one person missing)

Image Hosted by
No comment.

Image Hosted by
Off to Hanis's Open House!!! My brother crashed his car 8 minutes after this pic was taken.
Just realised how short i am.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Very Short Day

Nothing special to write about what happened in school except for the first two periods which i got to spend with Liyana. I'm starting to like Wednesdays, especially when the field is unavailable, so we just get to chill in the basketball court with the girls. But still, i think im spending way too little time with her. Haih. Oh yea, Pn. Christena picked me to give a short announcement for English day tomorrow and i still have no fucking idea how am i gonna embarass myself in front of the whole school tomorrow. Haih.

When i got back from school.. Slept. Went to tution.. Came back.. Slept. But then i remembered that Krystal gave me a missed call. So i called her. She said that she was weak-spirited cuz she found out that Junn had started choreographing and she spilled Milo on the cheer namelist. Hmm.. and the worst part was when she said WE (the guys) are too weak. God am i gonna prove her wrong.

For some reason im missing Liyana like crazy now. Maybe it's time for me to tell her? Maybe it isnt. Hmm. Maybe im still not ready and i think its just best for me to shut up first. When will that day come?


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One of the great pleasures about going for a camp. A place where you go to every single day of your life, jammed pack with cars, teachers, students and prefects. And the pleasure of just sitting in the middle of that same place during the early hours of the day, empty..silent. It's an experience i wouldn't trade anything for.
(random pic)