Saturday, January 29, 2005


I almost feel guilty for missing another day. I think im turning into somekinda blog addict. Scary shit.

So it was Thursday. Nothing much happened in school but i did go late.. They let me off without punishment because it was i am a virgin latecomer THIS year. Hoho. When i came back my bro gave me 10 minutes to get ready for tution. Was in the shower for 2 minutes.. Impressive eh? Grabbed my parang,(dunno why actually) ate a little Wantan Mee and zoomed off to tution. Well, not exactly, my bro had to send my cousin to the immigration office in State. So i was like 30 minutes late for tution. Mwhahaha.

1 and a half hours later, i waited for my bro for like 5 minutes, realising that he wasnt gonna come anytime soon i decided to go to Sandy Park for a little 'Choppy choppy'. It was fun, i killed 2 trees and i practically sliced an 8 feet tree into half. Bwahaha. In case you think im crazy and sadistic, i am chopping for firewood and leaves for my 'Kemahiran Camp' tomorrow.

Fast forward to this morning, went to skool late.. Again. It was my second time.. so they let me off again. The only memorable thing that happened today was Liyana being nice enough to come up to my class and see me. I know it seems like a small thing but for some reason i am might glad that she came. Hmm. Oh yea, that bitch ass Pn.Christena was abscent so ULBS was cancelled. Wgahahhaa.

When i came back, we didnt go for Friday prayers because it was 1.30pm and we were still at Giant Supermarket. Mum had to buy a few things. I still feel guilty as hell. Kok Shiong came after that because he had to discuss some things with my bro. I left to Atria at around 2.55pm, i went to cut my hair before going to school for Unggul.

As usual, it sucked. We couldnt do anything else because we had to train for 'Merentas Desa' and we couldnt use the field. I am very glad that King has been super coorperative. However i think that i am slacking in my Unggul duties. Damn. Wanted to play ' Captain Ball, 30 seconds into the game and it was alreeady 5.30pm. Hehe, Ben wasted his breath.

Followed Marcus to chop some banana leafs before going to have a drink with Ben in Jelutong. Waited for an hour before my mum, no, my aunt showed up. Man, me and Ben seriously can talk a lot of cock.. Hahaha. When we reached my house, he decided to walk back. Felt kinda bad though. And t what i have been doing from then to now is either packing or eating.

So, Kemahiran Camp is tomorrow, and i seriously hope that it goes well and i dont embarass myself. Well, it's gonna be fun.. I think.

Off to sleep.

since im in the scouting mood.
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one of 37th troop's best kept traditions.. ragging juniors. Mwahaha.

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of course it wasn't always the juniors that got ragged.

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i was just trying to bring some culture into the troop.. haha.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Another random pic.
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My lovely table. Books, Walkie-talkies, perfume, ointment, blades, puncher, keys and other shit.

Tree Choppin'.

Kin Ian ffk me in the end. So i had to go with my brother. Right after dropping my grandma at her hse we went to Megah Field. Hmm, my bro called Jia Pin out to witness me perform a killing spree on Megah Trees. Hohoho.

Obviously, the thing couldnt fit in my bro's car. We could had left it in Jia Pin's house and pick it up the day after. But nooooo.. My bro refused. This is what he did.
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'nuff said.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Fuckeroo.. I Skipped a Day.

The thing about 1u is that u can never walk through the entire complex without seeing a familiar face. It's a magical place. Haha.

I was there with mum and dad at first, dad was picking out new spectacles, hmm. Was about time he changed his specs. Anyway, they were nice enough to let me skip tution.. weird. So i met up with bro,Steph and Nat. Walked around for awhile before meeting up with Farhan. We bumped into my old friend, Zul.. Fuck he's tall. He's alot nicer now, i remember we used to fight like ALOT last time. Steph bought a stuffed doggie.

The next day.. School! Nothing much happened in school just that lot's of school work and people pissing me off put me in a reaaal bad mood. First it was Krystal wanting to quit (which was probably the worst thing that can happen to unggul), then it was Marcus and Kin Ian irritaing me, Kin Ian also forgot to bring the Rm600 i told him to, then it was the fucking ULBS which i had to do with Nimalan. Haih, the only good part of my day was spending PJ period with Liyana.

Had a Kemahiran Camp briefing after that, nothing much, just that Ting Sen said the t-shirt was ugly (judging by his fashion sense.. didnt really bother me). However, 7/14 ppl thought it was ok. which is good enuff.

Just came back from tution, and im suppose to go chop firewood with Kin Ian now.. Hope that goes well after a reaaallly fucky fucky day. To the wilds! God im lame.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Missing School and T-shirts.

Since i was too damn tired to blog yesterday night, i'll just do it now.

Woke up at 9.30 when school was suppose to start two hours earlier. Missing 2 periods of Physics, unable to sign the Kemahiran Camp letter and not handing up my karangan. Those weren't the first things that when through my mind. It think it was "She's going to kill me."

She told me the day before that she was going to school because she had this Bio PEKA that she couldn't miss. I tried figuring out all sorts of excuses but i ended up deciding that oversleeping would be the best excuse. However, nevertheless, i felt guilty for missing school, i already did the week before and here i am doing it again. I even tried to calm myself down by lying to myself that i missed school just so that i would miss 2 periods of free Bio periods in the library reading "Calvin and Hobbes". Then i thought to myself, i love "Calvin and Hobbes". Fuck.

I read a little Chemistry before shifting my attention to the computer. Suprise, suprise.. Krystal and Sonia missed school too. Haha. Sonia practically wasn't even talking so i chatted with Krystal. Yes, she finally asked the awkwards question and yes we finally cleared the air between us. "It's all in the past." She said. As relieve as i can be, it's all over? Hmm.

Spent the rest of my day designing troop t-shirts, did 4 designs altogether, the bear i choose to put on the shirt ended up NOT looking like a bear for some people. There was Krystal "The Lion looks a lil weird." and then there was Wei June "I like the Dog." Thanks a lot people.

Went for tution and came back, and i got my cap back from Steph that she stole during leisure camp. Continued with my t-shirt!

Called her during the night. Her dad picked up and said she was busy. Well, off to dinner then.
Three steps down the staircase and the phone started to ring. "Hi, Liyana." Conversation wasnt longer then 15 minutes due to excessive hungriness.. Hehe. Told her to come online later to show her my 'masterpiece'.

Chatted a lot when she was online. She said the troop-t wasnt THAT bad, especially the front, and she also said the pink shirt thingy was "Veeerrryyy good". Haha. F-l-a-t-t-e-r-e-d. Went offline like an hour after that. God, I miss her.

Watched Fahrenheit 9/11 with cousins after that and i tried to blog but i slept. Aihz, on more day closer to SPM. Happy Thaipusam, people.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Meet the Parents/Fockers

I think from now on i am going to use proper.. um, "tanda baca" from now on.. im going to start every sentence with a capital letter. Haha. God im weird.

Anyway, i pretty much couldnt sleep the whole night and i woke up super early. I think it was around 10.30am. I know it sounds a little corny, but.. i was really excited about today. Haha. Right after i got out of bed i went straight down to have breakfast. I was shocked to find my entire family having breakfast without me. Hmm, sad. When i was about to gobble down leftover lemangs.. Mum treated me like a 5 year old and asked me whether i have brushed my teeth,. I was suprised that the entire table was shocked when i said i have not. Hmm, izzit just them or am i really that disgusting?

I killed the remaining 2 hours by hittint the Ps2. Played Snake Eater.

Yes, the time has finally arrived! Bwahaha. Took a another shower, changed clothes and interrupted my brother from his book reading session. Then Lik Kent called, asking for a lift. My mum wanted to follow all of a sudden so i had to wait for her too. It was already 12.45 and i am supposed to be in 1u by 1pm which is 45 minutes before showtime to collect our tickets. Of course it was already 12.55pm when we hit Taman Megah. So, i had to call liyana whose already in 1u to collect the tickets for me. OH MY GOD!!! I just forgot... I let her pay for the tickets. Fuck.

When we reached, i got a phone call from Liyana. She said the second scariest thing any girlfriend could say (the scariest is when she says "I met this guy..."). "Hey zyl.. my mum and dad wants to meet ya." Of course i thought she was joking and i just laughed and asked where she was. "Meet me in front of the restaurant opposite Tower Records." OK.. so i went. Met up with her and she says "They're inside.. And if you don't, they say i'm not allowed to go out with you anymore." Holy Fuck i thought she was kidding! My heart was pounding against my ears and i was expecting the worst. Then, she just grabbed my hand and pulled me into the restaurant.

"Hi, uncle.. Hi, auntie." That was pretty much all the words that i could think of. Well, he asked me to have a sit.. Asked my name and all that stuff. Still terrified although he was nice. 5 minutes later he said i can leave.. But he wont let me go without giving me a warning, "Don't do anything naughty ok?" Fuck.

Movie was great, ate in KENNY Roger's. After that, walked around for about 10 minutes until Kat and Lik Kent said they wanna split because they wanted to do their own 'stuff'. Haha. So me and Liyana walked around. Yea.. that's all we did.. walked around for half an hour. Well, it was 6.00pm and it was time for her to go back when her mum called and said she's coming to pick her up at 7.00pm. Then she asked me.."What are we gonna do?" I replied with "Let's go to Padini." I don't know where that came from but she agreed.
I asked he

When we were there, we came across this pink shirt. I asked her whether she thinks i would look sexy in it? She said.. "I am not talking to you ever again if you even touch it." To humour her, i grabbed it and walked to the nearest changing room. What happened next is left to your imagination.

I called Lik Kent and he said he was in a cab on his way back. Stupid fella, could had fetched him back since my bro was already in 1u. Anyway, Liyana had to go home not long after that. Sent her off at the bus stop and met up with my brother in OSC after that. Sonia, Natalia and Heng Joon was over there so we chilled for awhile. Bro sent them back and headed home.

Cousins came over with their new Gen2. Took a shower and had dinner with them. So that was my day. Met her parents and watched Meet the Fockers. Ironic isnt it?

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lik kent is going to kill me.(random pic)

Sunday, January 23, 2005

super scouts and a rendang overdose. (villa got hammered too)

the alarm clock my cousin gave to me turned out to be pretty damn effective.. the ring actually causes your damn brain cells to vibrate. and that kinda keeps you up and no, you cant go back to sleep.

so it was 7.15am and i was suppose to have breakfast with bro's friends at 7.00am. left the house 30 minutes later, picked up gabriel and shot off to school. i didnt bother to wear my uniform to scouts so i just put on a mufty and a red reebok cap. the thing that scared me was that st.johns had an official meeting. and the school was packed with johnny's. hmm, and we only had like 15 scouts or so that turned up for a crash course.
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mr.fazil for the day.

Image Hosted by
well.. not exactly 15 ppl.. but, we still lost to johnny's.

well, marcus handled the istiadat and he made me take a picture of him doing it because he said it was his first and only time.. haha, fecking joker. well, there was only six seniors there and i just thought.. what the hell? i wasnt wearing my uniform anyway. so he did it.
Image Hosted by
something seems funny to them.

after that the juniors broke into two.. usaha and maju. ernie and wing chuan joined maju because they were taking king scouts. so maju trained for pioneering and usaha did their marching and flagging test. marcus brought the maju ppl to gather the bakau so i just chilled with usaha. they requested to practice their marching and tan gave them half an hour. as much as i want to congratulate them for even bothering to re-take their usaha, their marching s-u-c-k-e-d.
chilled with them and of course.. as a good 'papa-bear' i gave them a few pointers and tips.
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look at that.. aih.

suprisingly, boon liang was there so it wasnt a boring day after all. oh yea, lik kent was there too so it was impossible for it to be boring.. haha. yea, we cracked a few jokes here and there until there was a time when tan and gabriel forced me to eat a packet of oreos that they found in the den and god knows how long itz been there and where it's been. yum. and there was also a time when lik kent got forced to walk all the way to atria to photostat something and buy drinks (the photostat shop wasn't even opened so he actually had to wait..haha.) while all of this was heppening my brother was busy reading dan brown's 'da vincci code'. god knows what got into him.
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boon liang fooling around and my bro reading his book.

after that, me and yam decided to chill with the maju dudes, who were at the bakau shack. we were there for not even 5 minutes when my bro arrived and claimed that he couldnt concentrate with boon liang and lik kent there. who can blame him?
Image Hosted by
i can't help it but i find my sitting position very lady-like.. hmm.

marcus then came, being the monkey that he is he decided to climb the computer building. he didnt really get far but it's still worth mentioning.. haha. then tai jia came along too. then there came a point when i was talking to the both of them, telling them that if anything like this(muyinn) ever happens again, i would really appreciate of all of them were behind me. and then marcus joked about that he was always behind me but i was never behind him or something like that. don't think he got what i meant.

Image Hosted by
"marcus the monkey" himself.

speak of the devil, muyinn arrived. didnt wanna start anything stupid so i just decided to leave. had a glimpse of that fucker, said bye to the other scouters and left. it was then when he yelled 'faisal..come here!' so my bro went . i waited in the car for like 15 minutes. wheny bro got in, he said that muyinn talked some shit about me and being the good bro that he is.. he fucked him back by saying straight to him that he was a coward for not confronting me by himself.
Image Hosted by
tan and gabriel.

went to jelutong for awhile and met philip there. bro talked to him about some collgege stuff and then we left to pick up my sister from sandy park. when i came out to get her there was this girl who yelled out "faziiill..!!! looking good!"
holly hell, it was khing wei. haha. i replied with a nervous wave. shot off back home straight after that.
Image Hosted by
bro and his stupid book.

the moment i got back, i didnt had time to eat because my mum just pushed a fuck load of house work to me because we were having a 'kenduri' for my late grandad later that night. ate lots of lemang after that and went to sleep shortly after that. woke up at 4.. then, called Kat to confirm what movie we're watching.. no horror movies so 'saw' is out. so we decided on Meet the Fockers. liyana agreed.. so, Meet the Fockers it is. and after that.. more work!

the kenduri went well, nobody complaint and the food was great. didnt do much work cleaning up because i was busy watching footie. man utd 3 - aston villa 1. eat shit villa.
Image Hosted by
during the kenduri, dina trying to be cute.

well, that was my day, really looking forward to tomorrow for really obvious reasons..sometimes i think i miss her too damn much, haha. and krystal if you're reading this, bite me.. i blogged only once today. rawr!

Saturday, January 22, 2005


as usual i got bored and decided to fiddle around with my photoshop..mwahahha.

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this one is from the photo i took when i was posing during service.. sexy as hell am i?

Image Hosted by
actually did this some time ago.. just wanna put it up for obvious reasons.

day's not over

tomorrow there is a crash course for usaha and maju for the from 3's. and apparantly mr.muyinn is does not allow the COH of 37th troop to be present. now what in the fucking hell is that all about? not only that, he says only five people can be present.. 10 points for guessing who they are. damn, told that to my bro and he also thinks he's full of shit.
one day when i am leaving this troop im gonna tell him straight up that. he has done nothing but disgrace himself,the uniform and the entire movement by just stepping in our troop and how he has the balls to harness every single bit of courage to show his face is still beyond my understanding.

on the other hand, my baby is suppose to confirm whether our date is still on.. well, she says that her mum still stands between me and the both of us celebrating our 2 months. fingers crossed, and i hope she doesnt have to break my heart again. oh god plz make her go..

matrix. that was where i was suppose to meet up with krystal, aqmil and all if it wasnt for the usaha/maju crash course. only if i found out about muyinn earlier. fucking bastard he is.

fingers still crossed.

Friday, January 21, 2005

'cow-slaughtering' day

blogging.. it wasnt even 3 hours ago that i thought i was the only person in the world that hated this so damn much. people actually publicise their feelings for the entire world to see? what the hell is that?

ahem.. anyway, today is hari raya haji. the day where muslim people sacrifice animals and donate it to the poor. animal rights violation or a good deed? straight answer but still debatable. went for prayers in the morning with bro and dad.. who nearly killed me because i woke up 5 minutes b4 the prayer started. came back, off to aunt's house.. back again to have lunch with my chinese cousins (yea.. hari raya with chinese cousins, very normal in this strange life of mine)

today is extra special because 2 months ago, SHE said yes. haha.. missing her like craazy at the moment and yes i just saw her yesterday. being like the sadists that she is.. she's probably admiring the sight of an innocent animal getting it's head chopped of. haha.. not everybody enjoys having a sadistic girlfriend buti happen to be one of the few.

back to the first thing i was talking about, why on earth did i start this blog? mostly it's because of the amount of things that happened yesterday. cheerleading,lesbians and a guy named noah. believe it or not that pretty much sums up everything that happened in the last 24 hours or so. well, hopefully this blog will last longer then that.

the thing about kin ian is that he is a multi-dimensional freak show. one of'em is the msn-fuck-head,wei june's overprotective boyfriend,37th troop's treasurer and well, kin ian. 2 out of 4 of them are bastards.don't want to go into detail cuz i am just sick of that fella fucking me up for no damn reason. how can he find me joking about him not wishing me happy raya offensive? if ur reading this.. nibble on some balls, fag.

and i made a new wallpaper!
Image Hosted by

and sometimes something that ends after a day comes back years later..
clueless on what im talking about rite? me too.